Blank Dream Cult members share a great devotion to the idea, object, movements, sights and sounds of dreams. Our members help shape and define the cultural characteristics of our communities, as patrons of the arts, by supporting the dreams of artists. Contrary to all economic logic, a communities “character” is defined by the art it creates. Writers, Musicians, Filmmakers, Actors, Designers, Chefs, Dancers, Comedians, Artisans and makers of all types… As well as the Patrons and Curators who support them – make our creative communities strong.

A membership to the Blank Dream Cult is like a subscription service to the art and dreams of Mr Blank. As a member your support is going to an artists with a proven track record of producing art and organizing community building events.

“Patrons of the 21st century… like the patrons of old, are giving creators a pathway to success and economic stability, providing living expenses, supplies, pep talks and more. Artist advocates say this is partly a reaction to widespread budget cuts for public art education and, more recently, to concern about President Trump’s effort to eliminate the National Endowment of the Arts. Today’s patrons are similar to the “angel investors” of tech. Now cohort of patrons, in their 30s through early 50s, have begun thinking about artists like start-ups, for which “incubation” periods are common.” (partial quote from New York Times)

Membership has it benefits. As a member you will be able to view the mysterious “Member Only” posts, while everyone else sees nothing. It’s a VIP Pass giving you Premium Content like regular previews of artwork and prototypes in production, seeing the creation process as it happens, way before they are available to the public! Members will also get first pick of any new art or merch offered in our store, which many times are limited edition short runs that sell out fast! If you are NOT a member then unfortunately you are only getting what’s left.

For an ongoing preview, see Mr Blank’s Instagram page here:



Memberships: Available Now as a PAY WHAT YOU WANT one time donation, with a recurring monthly payment option if you so choose.

One Year Gift: Every member that maintains their membership for a minimum of One Year (paying membership fees monthly) will receive a special subscriber only gift, of hand-made art made by Mr Blank, at the end of the year!

Joining (customer’s perspective): Click on the button and be redirected to PayPal.