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Mr Blank the Monster Maker?!? (part two)

In the last post I was working on the Yoda/Slimer figure, but since I haven’t started molding it yet we’ll have to get back to that later… Until then, I went ahead and started working on my next idea: a figure for my band Rat Babies! A few months back I managed to get a few […]

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Mr Blank the Monster Maker?!? (part one)

I will be debuting my first “bootleg art toy figure” very soon, it’s actually all still in the works but I was excited to tell everyone about what I’ve been working on since Oct… First off what is this “bootleg toy” thing all about? Well, I’ve definitely used things like: pieces of barbie dolls, electronic […]

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My art featured on THE TOY GEEKS NETWORK!

Check out the latest episode of The Toy Geeks Network’s show Behind The Counter which features some of my artwork and designs (at about 21m:50s) when they review the packaging art for a figure called “Say Utinni” created by bootleg toy designer Buzzard Guts. The figure and packaging is a bootleg parody of the 80’s movie “Say Anything” […]

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