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MR BLANK: June 9th @ Flicker Theater, Athens GA

This Saturday, June 9th, I will be performing a Mr Blank solo theater/noise performance art piece at Flicker Bar 9pm, in support of some AWESOME weirdo friends of mine from New York called “A Place Both Wonderful & Strange“. A Place Both Wonderful and Strange produces art that is endearingly odd, just like a David Lynch film. So it’s […]

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Mr Blank Toys: I’ll Be Bach

As I promised on Instagram I am releasing the preview images of one of my newest bootleg art figure creations for Mr Blank Toys the much anticipated “I’ll Be Bach” figure aka the Terminator/Johann Sebastian Bach mashup! This all started when Dain Marx aka Buzzard Guts toy company (On Instagram here: @damarxtoys) said I should go […]

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