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What’s Next for Mr Blank Toys?

Now that I got both the “Yoda/Slimer” prototype done (I’m still not confident enough to cast it yet) and the “Rat Babies Shadow Figures” done, I’ve been thinking about what I’d like to work on next… and I’ve got a looong list of ideas floating around in my head, with more coming in everyday! One thing […]

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Mr Blank the Monster Maker?!? (part one)

I will be debuting my first “bootleg art toy figure” very soon, it’s actually all still in the works but I was excited to tell everyone about what I’ve been working on since Oct… First off what is this “bootleg toy” thing all about? Well, I’ve definitely used things like: pieces of barbie dolls, electronic […]

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Find me at the Athfest Artist Market this weekend!

This upcoming weekend is the official unveiling of the “Post Apocalyptic Mystic” collection of unique and intriguing wearable art jewelry. You will find us in the Athfest Artist Market (booth #16) during the three day city-wide Athfest Music & Arts Festival. Inspired by a mystical and innately magical post-apocalyptic muse that’s part post-modern hobo, part […]

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