Do You have a Membership Subscription to Mr Blank Is Dead?

  • NOTE: The Members Only part of this site is still under development and will go into effect very soon. At this time all posts are still PUBLIC for a limited time, so sign up now!!!


What I’m trying to do is set up a subscription service on this site, similar to the Patreon style subscription service, but using Paypal. As a subscriber you will get to see the “Subscriber Only” posts, while everyone else sees nothing. I’m setting this up as a way to offer a VIP Pass to the website, meaning you will get information before anyone else! You will see posts about art prototypes way before they are available to the public! You will get premium content in the form of regular previews of artwork in production, you get to see the process as it happens, you get music samples and even video content unavailable to non-subscribers. Subscribers will also get first pick of any items offered in our store, which many times are limited edition short runs that sell out fast! If you are not a subscriber then you are only getting what’s left from what the subscribers didn’t buy, so really you’re only getting table scraps.


Most of what I do day to day as an artist doesn’t make me any money, also the art itself doesn’t payout much either… so my living expenses as a full time artist are not being covered thru art sales only! I could sell a piece of art for $100 and that may seem great, but what’s not taken into account are the costs of materials used in the art or the days and days of work it took to get the art done! I literally make pennies a day sometimes, and a system like this helps me maintain a certain level of income without having to worry about being an Art Hustler!

So if you like what I do, and you would like to be in the know before anyone else… then subscribe NOW! I’m making it easy to support me by making subscriptions only $1/month.

Special Note: Every subscriber that maintains their subscription for a minimum of One Year will receive a special gift, of some sort of subscriber only hand-made art made by me, at the end of the year!




Purchasing from the customer’s perspective: Click on the button and be redirected to PayPal. Log into your PayPal account or create a new PayPal account. Then you can complete the transaction.

Cancelling Subscriptions: Cancelling is easy. On the PayPal “Profile and Settings” page they will choose “My money”, then find on “My preapproved payments” and click on the “Update” link. They will find the name of your business and click “Cancel” in the details profile.

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