Force Ghost Busters


In a Galaxy Far Far Away where everything is kind of like Star Wars you can still rent this movie on VHS! This is the first “Force Ghost Busters” figure release, featuring the Yoda x Slimer crossover character “Yodimer”.

Limited Edition run of 5, carded 1.75″ figure, original sculpted body kit bashed using bootlegged Yoda head and arms, and a two tone (Slimer green / Force Ghost blue) paint app.

Price includes shipping within the USA. For orders outside of the USA please contact us to determine any shipping charges.

Special Note: This figure is part of a series of 80’s movies and Star Wars crossovers by @damarxtoys of #buzzardguts you check out his IG page for more from the series including the the “Pee Wee Pio’s Big Adventure” and “Alien Empire” with card art by Mux Blank!

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