Mr Blank

Mr Blank performances are a unique and visceral blend of experimental sound sculpture and abstract theater performance art. Productions utilize a plethora of nontraditional props and reality bending sound sources including: costumes and masks, disheveled stacks of TVs with strobing images and glitchy video projections, homemade circuit bent instruments, noise making toys, abstract set designs, and other found materials. At times performances even incorporating live needle piercing, electro-shock, and other elements reminiscent of mystical “Fakir” torture arts.

Mr Blank performances, although ever changing and evolving, are visual abstract storytelling. Invoking scenes of a desolate and toxic post-apocalyptic world where there lives an unhinged man (or is he monster?) bending reality and opening portals to multitudes of unknowns where dreams awaken as reality…

Featured Characters: Mr Blank, TVHeadGuy, Tardigrademan, Mistar Khaalee, Dirty Harriette the Bearded Lady, and more…



  • JUNE 2023 – Athica Residency

2023 “A Message from Mr Blank” Livestreamed March 12, 2023:

2016 installation performance piece at “The Fork & Spoon” in Panama City, FL featuring the Tardigrademan character:

2014 Mr Blank performance at “Hendershots Coffee & Bar” in Athens, GA: