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Bruce Campbell-Wayne (series 2)

“What if Bruce Campbell was Batman?” If you are a big enough fan of a Bruce Campbell you might already know this but, back when the Batman v. Superman movie was coming out, Campbell made a big stink of it and basically suggested that Ash is ready to take on both Batman and Superman!! Who wouldn’t want to see that?!? Well, this is the figure!!! “Introducing Bruce Campbell-Wayne” by Mr Blank Toys.

This 6″ resin figure was originally released Through DKE Toys at NYCC 2018 as a Limited Edition of 25 pieces (series 1). This figure is the second run (aka series 2) which has an alt BLOOD SPLATTER paint app! Limited Edition run of 7 were produced and released at Toylanta 2019 by Mr Blank Toys.

UPDATE: There is only a 1-of-1 black alternate colorway still available, marked as an “Artist Proof”, otherwise this figure is SOLD OUT.

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