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I’ll Be Bach


The original figure in the BACH series is the “I’ll Be Bach”. Limited edition and numbered. Carded 4″ resin art figure comes with resin keyboard gun accessory. For more information on this figure see our blog post here: Mr Blank Toys: I’ll Be Bach

The Whole Story… “A killing machine from the future, Model T-1750. Sent tot he distant past by future Tannens to pose as German composer and musician Johann Sebastian Bach. It’s mission: To destroy the Brown family bloodline once and for all! After a great battle it ends up frozen in Carbonite and lost in some galaxy far far away. But now it’s Bach, in the future (which is really the past for us), possibly even in some alternate reality, and it’s impersonating the Doc Brown of 2015… Oh no!”

Other figures of the series: “Empire Strikes BACH”, and “BACH To The Future”… coming soon!

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Out of stock