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Migraine Boy


Introducing one of my most favorite obscure comic strip characters from the 90’s: Migraine Boy (character by Greg Fiering). When I first moved to Athens GA in my 20’s I was introduced to a weekly dose of Migraine Boy in the Flagpole Magazine and I remember the attitude about him around town was always that you either hated him or you loved him… of course I loved him! Other people maybe remember him from the Village Voice, Rolling Stone, and even MTV! He was also featured in the art on the REM “Monster” album after Michael Stipe saw him in the Flagpole Magazine, or so the story goes… this is my tribute to that beloved character!
This 3” resin figure is carded on a 6”x6” hand-painted and hand-lettered b/w cardback. Sculpted from scratch, cast, painting, and packaging design based off the cover art of the original “Migraine Boy’s Fairweather Friends” book releases in 1995. Limited Edition Of 15 were first made available at Five Points Festival 2019 and the Noise & Toys Tour May/June.

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