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No Toys 4 Us (series 4)


This is Geoffrey… Due to big corporation greed and mismanagement, Geoffrey went from being number one in the hearts and minds of millions of toy lovers young and old… to suddenly losing everything. Now he is jobless, penniless, forced to hustle in the streets for survival, flying signs off the free- way exit, hitchhiking to the next town… destine to become a junkie sleeping in the dumpster behind the liquidated boarded-up toy store. Poor Geoffrey!

This resin with hand stencil painted cardboard figure was originally released by Mr Blank Toys at Assembly Required 2019 as a Limited Edition of 23 pieces, carded, numbered and signed, featuring actual aisle label found in TRU dumpster.

Note: Some orders, especially those outside of the USA, may incur extra shipping charges.

Out of stock