Vintage SOLO


To celebrate the next upcoming Star Wars film entitled “SOLO: A Star Wars Story”, we have created this special character package of your favorite scoundrel! Re-enact your favorite Star Wars battles, make up brand-new intergalactic adventures, or stand it up in your collection… with this detailed Vintage collection figure the action will be epic! Inspired by the modern SOLO action figure by indie toy artist “2 Bit Hack”, this Limited Edition bagged figure feature a real 3″ vintage SOLO (cup) with original packaging included, only header-card added. Available in four colors (5-Red, 5-Blue, 2-Green, 5-Yellow), choose your color while supplies last when purchasing and if that color has sold out we will message you with the available colors to choose from.

Note: Orders outside of the USA may incur extra shipping charges. Also, some items may have small cracks in the plastic solo cups due to the age of these ephemeral items.
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Red, Blue, Yellow