Mr Blank Toys

Mr Blank Toys produces limited edition Designer and Bootleg Art-Toy figures since November 2017.

For as long as I can remember I’ve used pieces of barbie dolls, broken electronic toys, baby doll heads, and other pre-existing toys in my own art and performances. So making self-produced customized bootleg art figures wasn’t much of a stretch for me. Whether creating physical or performance based art, I maintain the goal to always create the highest quality of work with as little means necessary, wowing the audience with something they’ve never heard or seen before.

In toy making I remain true to my process by doing everything myself – handmade, hand painted, hand poured and designed using my own twisted commentary on the entertainment culture that shaped and inspired me growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, mixing multiple pop-culture references into my own abstract concepts. As I continue to develop my sculpting, molding, and casting skills further I rely heavily on my own artistic experience, techniques, and abilities… not so much on bootlegged parts from Star Wars or G.I.Joe toys, although that definitely adds to the fun as well!

Looking toward the future, I have begun designing my own series of collectable designer art-toy figures based on original characters and storylines I’ve developed and performed on stage at festivals, bars, galleries, and even street corners while traveling/lived in a converted skoolie bus for over 6 years. Currently I have many prototypes in development and hope to release many of them soon. I have had figures featured on “Toy Geeks- Behind The Counter” (S2E07 and S2E25). I released “No Toys 4 Us” aka the homeless and unemployed Toys R Us mascot figure through DKE Toys which sold out first day of San Diego Comic Con 2018. Coming up I am releasing an exclusive “No Toys 4 Us XL” for the Clutter Magazine(In)Action Figures 7” show, and will be set up at both Assembly Required (Feb 16-17) and Toylanta (March 8-10) toy conventions with exclusives for each event!

You can view pictures of finished pieces and the process of making, molding, casting, and packaging them by following me on Instagram or reading my Blank Blog. All releases are limited edition runs, hand made and packaged by me, many are available for sale right now in my Shop.