Mr Blank Toys

Mr Blank Toys is a project currently in development. With this project I am exploring sculpture and 3-d art forms with a focus on designer art toys and customized bootleg toy figures. There’s no telling where this will take me, but it is something that I have longed to get into ever since I saw the work of my friend and bandmate Dain Marx aka Buzzard Guts Toys. While helping Dain with some graphic design and packaging concepts for his own toys, I began to work on my ideas for characters and figures I wanted to produce as well.

Currently I have a few prototypes in development that I will be molding and casting myself. You can view pictures of finished pieces and the process of making, molding, casting, and packaging them by following me on Instagram or reading my Blank Blog. All releases are limited edition runs, hand made, hand painted, and packaged by me and available for sale (see below, or go to the Shop to see all available products).