SKULL Paintings


Have you heard of the Skoolie bus named the “Lyme Basturd” that I lived out of for 5+ years? Well, I am trying to get the school bus cleaned up and fixed up inside and out so I can use it as a “tiny home” possibly even a “tiny business” on wheels!!! To make it possible for me cover the costs of these repairs, I’m doing a special fund raising project!

Before the bus broke down, because I couldn’t get it fixed/maintained (brakes gone, dry rotten tires, needs to be rewired, broken windows from street kids with rocks, fluid leaks, and more), I had been living in it and drove it all over the southeast doing shows and tours for over five years. I had a cozy tiny minimalist home on wheels built by re-purposing old wooden “Carnivale Of Black Hearts” backdrops, games and signs. But, now that I’m not living in the bus anymore I’m trying to fix it up. I’m pulling all that wood out and I am going to paint a series of “Skull” paintings on that wood, and then I’m going to offer those pieces for sell to the highest bidder!

SKULLBUSburlap              All the money I make will go directly back into the bus in the form of fixing it up bit by bit. I have a list of what needs to be done and I’m researching what each thing is going to cost, plus I’m trying to work out some deals from some mechanics that will give me a good price. But the end result will be the bus won’t be stuck here at the house anymore, and it will be used to do some pretty cool things around town and around the country!!!

If you are interested in having a piece of art, made from a piece of the bus that used to be a piece of “Carnivale” history!?! Then make me an offer I can’t refuse and the next piece I finish will be YOURS!!!

Offers can be sent in by email to: Be sure to Include: Your Name, City, Phone Number, and $Offer$ in the email.

[Note: Please, when making an offer, consider shipping costs if you’re not local to Athens. I’m trying to raise at least $5k for the minimal repairs needed right now, more is better cause there’s a lot more to do, lol. Do not post your offers publicly. Thanks :)]




UPDATE 9-22-17: NEW SKULL PAINTING POSTED this time it’s a sign for the upcoming Weirdo Yardsale!

UPDATE: POST ATHFEST I only have 5 paintings left, check out the blog here: “Only 5 Skull Bus Paintings left!!

UPDATE 6-29-17: Read my post-Athfest blog “Athfest last Weekend ~ Art Show this Weekend!!!

UPDATE 6-13-17: MORE SKULLS POSTED! I am getting ready for Athfest Artist Market 2017 and so I managed to paint 19 more skulls… You can preview them below in the gallery, but they will not be available for purchase online until after Athfest (June 23rd-25th Athens GA). Or you can be one of the first to view them by coming out to see me at my booth in the Artist Market (Booth #16)… more on this here: “Find me at the Athefest Artist Market this Weekend!”

UPDATE 9-25-16: BRAKE JOB DONE! I was able to get the brake job done and used the bus again for the first time at the 2016 Classic City Fringe Festival last October. Next trip? We’ll see…



More coming soon…