Noise & Toys 2020

The NOISE & TOYS tour series is a curated pop-up event showcasing an eclectic mix of noisey and heavy music along side designer art toys, usually in each town for one night only. Our unique boutique approach affords everyone the opportunity to engage with fresh local and touring music, while also introducing some amazing indie art toys and games to audiences looking to discover something new!



[NOTE: No info available, event will be rescheduled due to coronavirus.]


“What was once the dominion of large toy companies has, in recent years, become a medium for independent artists who mold, cast and package plastic and resin collectibles — sometimes using repurposed parts of other toys — to celebrate the niche obsessions of their youth.” (

“Designer toys, whether oversize or pocket-size, are typically made from materials like resin, vinyl or wood. Some are original designs by urban artists, but most have pop-culture roots, which has led to brisk business for the figures at fan conventions like Comic-Con International and at specialty shops where they are sold.” (

Although still considered a niche interest, the designer art-toy market has experienced a recent surge that can be seen in many different instances. What may have formerly been known as an underground scene, is now getting world-wide recognition and distribution. Independent toy companies like Kidrobot, Funko, Super7, and DKE Toys have become very recognizable names at Comic Cons and trade show conventions built upon this niche collector market. Big annual event such as Five Points Festival in Brooklyn NY, Designer Con in CA, and *Assembly Required in Asheville NC just to name a few, have emerged as the premier events for the designer and bootleg toy underground. Now top media outlets like The New York Times and industry outlets such as Clutter Magazine, and The Toy Chronicle (UK) are introducing well known designer art-toy artist like the Sucklord, Killer Bootlegs, Dogman Toys, Frank Kosik, Ron English, and so many others to a larger world-wide audience. We’ve even seen Hollywood crushing on the toy scene more recently with shows like “The Goldbergs” that feature toys made by formerly unknown artists like “Dead Greedy” in episodes due to creator Adam F. Goldberg’s own fascination with this underground pop art phenomenon that drives him to collect. All this lends credence to reports that this niche designer toy underground is “fast-growing” into something worth paying attention too. Whether a true toy/art collector, or the occasional purchaser of these funky artistic conversation pieces, many have discovered for themselves: “That feeling when you come across something new, unexpected, shocking, offbeat. A raw reaction that drives you to keep exploring and discovering – it’s pure childlike wonder that you can experience over and over.” (