Almost Done…?

Quick Skull Bus Update: Well my mechanic friend has had a hell of a time with these brakes, and it has cost me a whole hell of a lot more then I was hoping for, but luckily I’ve been saving up for over a year to get this done… And now $800+ later I almost have the brakes on the bus fixed!!! Well the front brakes at least.¬†Tomorrow we know for sure when we bleed the brakes one final time and take it out on the road for a test drive.


We basically were forced into completely replacing pretty much the whole brake system! New brake pads, new rotor, and new calipers on both sides, then a new master cylinder and ¬†new metal brake lines leading at least half the way down to the brakes cause some were still ok… But the others were rusted shut from moisture being able to seep in thru the cracks in the rubber boots. Add on about 8-10 hours of labor which my buddy is giving me a little break on… And the $1000 I’ve saved up over the last year or two of scraping by, doing odd jobs, flea market selling, game day button selling, donations from friends, and more recently the Skull Bus series of paintings that I sold to raise funds.

There is, of course, so much more to do with the bus but it will all take time. I estimate another $4-5000 will have to go into it just to get it up to a pretty good and usable shape for taking out on the road touring or for whatever art production I can think of doing with it… We’ll see… I’ve got a few ideas…