Designer Toy Market – Soft Launch

Sunday July 26th at 6pm, the weirdo’s over at JOKERJOKERtv will be going live once again for their chaotic livestreamed show!!!

JOKERJOKERtv eps 005 – July 26th at 6pm EST

If you’ve been watching the show (which is brand new and still trying to figure things out, lol, so fingers crossed) you’ve probably been watching us fumble through trying to create a livestream variety show featuring: live performance art, indie artist interviews, weird skits, and alot of talk about toys… But we are pretty sure we have this episode’s ins-and-outs figured out!

Also, while we’ve been playing with our toys and cameras… I’ve also been frantically working with Vera Butler Design behind the scenes building a marketplace website for toymakers everywhere!

The “Designer Toy Market” is going to be a portal for designer, bootleg, vinyl, kaiju, and custom art toy collectors… and the indie makers that we all love! DTM was designed to give Collectors easy access to discovering cool new toys and be in-the-know about artists making waves in the underground. The site connects Collectors directly with the artist through a community driven self-distribution portal, build specifically to assist indie toymakers in marketing their creations directly to those thirsty for more!

The site is still under construction, and so this soft launch is our way of announcing and partially opening the site to the public. Also, this will be your chance to see our progress and help us raise funds to finish building this massive indie toy marketplace.

The JOKERJOKERtv episode 005 happening tomorrow at 6pm, will be our livestreamed Soft Launch party, so we will meeting all the toymakers from this first wave of releases for our soft launch. Join Us on the JOKERJOKERtv Youtube Channel!

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