Mr Blank Toys: No Toys 4 Us [SOLD OUT]…???

If you aren’t following me on Instagram (@muxblank) you might not already know this, but the “No Toys 4 Us” figure released thru DKE Toys as an exclusive for SDCC… Well, it SOLD OUT in record time!!! I was going to wait until the end of the weekend to post more information about this, but now that it’s sold out I have the go ahead!

“No Toys 4 Us”… Series 2?!? Get on the list!

If you were not able to make it out to San Diego Comic Con, or maybe you did but found they were already sold out before you got there… Well, due to an overwhelming response to this figure we are going to be making a second run. Now is the time to get on the waitlist simply message us by email and when the second run is completed (ETA= end of AUG) you will be notified before they even go on sale in our shop online!

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