Only 5 Skull Bus Paintings left!!

Hurry, Hurry… This is your last chance to get one of the last 26 Skull Bus Paintings, EVER! So, if you would like to purchase one of the last five paintings, you will want to make an offer immediately!!

In getting ready for Athfest I painted an additional 19 skull paintings from the left over wood removed from the bus. Each one with it’s own character and personality. They were a really big hit at Athfest, and so the weekend cleaned me out of all but these last few paintings.

Then, a few days later I donated “Skull #10” to the Brain Aid Art Show which is raising funds thru their own silent art auction (Send bids by email: It will continue to be on display at Flicker Theater & Bar all month, with proceeds going to a local nonprofit organized by a friend, Stephen Cramer.


Now, only five Bus paintings are left!

How It Works: This is sort of an online silent auction. Offers come in and I accept the highest bid. So far past accepted offers have ranged from $30 to well over $100 depending on size and style. In fact, There may already be an offer on the table for whats left even before I finish writing this post… So, If you are interested, you better Make An Offer on your favorite NOW!!

Offers can be sent in by email to: Be sure to Include: Your Name, City, Phone Number, SKULL # (see below pictures) and $Offer$ in the email.

Here are the last five that are currently available:

#3 "mustachio"
#3 “mustachio” (size: 7.5″x22.5″)


#11 (size: 15″x11″)


#12 (size: 26″x20″)


#14 (size: 26.5″x22.25″)


#15 (size: 26″x17″)