Post Apocalyptic Mystic


The “Post Apocalyptic Mystic” collection is a collaboration between jewelry artisan Kari Bjork and DIY artist Mux Blank. This unique and intriguing collection made it’s debut at the Athfest 2017 Artist Market in Athens GA.

The collection starts with up-cycled building materials (rusty tin roof, hardened wood, and old copper wire) that were pulled from a house built on Vine Street in Athens circa 1940. Mux Blank bangs out metal art pieces and trinkets using simple tools like a hammer and chisel. Kari Bjork then intertwines these pieces with mixed metals, vintage fragments, and found objects to create stunning and refined jewelry. All of which reflect ideals seemingly inspired by a mystical and innately magical post-apocalyptic muse that’s part post-modern hobo, part apocalyptic survival kit, part chaotic magical symbolism, and part turning trash into treasures that any dusty scavenger would kill for.

This series of wearable art pieces from Blank and Bjork will engage you in a style way ahead of it’s time. The END is NEAR… Are you prepared!?!

~ In Omnia Paratus





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Kari Bjork
First introduced to beads by her grandmother as a child, Kari has been fascinated by them ever since. Now with over 25 years experience beading professionally, she continues to teach, create and sell hand-crafted jewelry.

Kari created and owned a bead store, The Beadholder, in Watkinsville, GA before selling it in 2007. Her other experiences include attending Stuart’s International School for Jewelers in Jupiter, Florida, John Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, North Carolina and taught beading classes at Gainesville College in Watkinsville, GA. She worked at a very successful bead store, Beads & Beyond, located in the Seattle area and traveled to the Czech Republic to tour glass, button and seed bead factories right before moving to Athens. She has also attended the biggest gem and mineral show in the world in Tucson, AZ.

Kari continues to collect and create beautiful things. This project and her new business, Little Healing Things, have sparked her creative flow again and she is excited to see what unfolds!

Mux Blank
A multidisciplinary DIY outsider artist (2-D/3-D, digital art, film, music, performance art, sideshow peformer, self publisher, etc) and event organizer (Moonlight Gypsy Market, Classic City Fringe Festival, Joker Joker Gallery) out of Athens GA. Has lived and toured out of a dilapidated skoolie bus turned minimalist tiny home, for over 5 years. A little over a year ago he moved into a fixer-upper house (where many of the raw materials for this project were pulled and upcycled from during renovations) to allow for some much needed repairs to the bus (see The “SKULL PAINTINGS” Fundraiser). Enjoys creating treasures and art out of found objects and other upcycled materials.