Rat Babies: “Speak Hard Answers” preview night at Go Bar!

I’ve been working all day and night to get a rough draft version of the Rat Babies “Speak Hard Answers” music video ready to project during the Rat Babies show tomorrow night at Go Bar (Athens GA)!! As long as this computer doesn’t crash on me… It should come out nice!

I filmed the whole thing on VHS format in the art trails behind JOKER JOKER Gallery with the help of a few friends, my Uncle “Chunk”, and a very very long extension cord. To digitize the footage I had to hook a VCR up to a projector and TV, then use an iPad to record off the two screens. Each screen gives the footage a different look which I’m going to mix together in the final drafts. Once the footage was captured to iPad I transferred that to my laptop and now I’m importing it all into iMovies to do some minor edits just to cut out the unusable parts. Once that’s all done that will be the “rough draft” version we’ll be projecting at the show Monday night!

Over the next couple of months I will be doing all my final edits and over laying the music into the film. It may not sound like much but it’s a bunch of agonizing over cuts and fades and overlays that take forever to render each time… So once it’s all done, then at some point we’ll do some kind of special showing of the music video film somewhere locally. But for now you have to come out Monday (December 11th, 2017) night and see Rat Babies perform, check out the new Rat Babies figures featuring a character from the film, and see this rough cut preview projection during the show! See you there!