There goes another Skull Bus painting… More to come!


I posted this painting the other day on FB with a sad story of how I had to smash the cute little heads of two tiny mice with a hammer… And Cindy Pendley told me that after hearing the story she just had to have this one, Lol! So that’s the third one SOLD, wow I didn’t really expect people to like my skulls so much, but I’m glad they do cause I’ve got tons of these to paint and sell before I have enough money to fix my bus up!

I even had a chance to talk to a mechanic friend of mine today and I set a time table for getting things done. I told him I gotta at least have the brakes fixed by early to mid Oct, no later cause I still have to have time to clean it up and get it ready to be used at the Classic City Fringe Festival at the end of the month. I have some of the parts I need already but there’s still bearings and two calipers to buy, plus the labor of doing all the work… But at least I’ve got a deadline to work towards, that will help me not to procrastinate too much!

Anyways, I’ve got a lot more paintings coming as I pull pieces of wood out, piece by piece… Check out the painting I finished last night. I had the idea of doing a skull on fire cause I like painting fire, lol! But the piece of wood was long and a little odd shaped so I settled on doing a skull Bomb!!!


As always if you want to make me an offer the next one could be yours. And don’t worry I’m not selling all of them for hundreds of dollars each, so far I’ve gotten offers of anywhere between $20 to $50. Some of them will cost more then that cause of their size, or how detailed, or maybe if I have a few people wanting the same one… Lol, best offer accepted! And of course I may be able to even paint one specifically for you, based on your idea. See the complete gallery here.