Category: Performance Art

NO TOYS 4 US (series 2) release at Designer Con 2018

Back in July the first of the “NO TOYS 4 US” series of figures was released thru DKE Toys at SDCC. It sold out before the end of the first day. Now the much anticipated second figure in the series is ready just in time for Designer Con!! Here’s a look: I will be hitting […]

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Classic City Fringe Festival presents: PHANTASMAGORIA!

The 2018 Classic City Fringe Festival is a 501c3 Nonprofit festival that I volunteer for annually. I help with promotions, fundraising, production, and organization of the festival as a founding board member… So pretty much that means you will probably get sick of me talking about the Fringe festival, lol. Anyways, it’s about that season […]

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MR BLANK: June 9th @ Flicker Theater, Athens GA

This Saturday, June 9th, I will be performing a Mr Blank solo theater/noise performance art piece at Flicker Bar 9pm, in support of some AWESOME weirdo friends of mine from New York called “A Place Both Wonderful & Strange“. A Place Both Wonderful and Strange produces art that is endearingly odd, just like a David Lynch film. So it’s […]

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