MR BLANK: June 9th @ Flicker Theater, Athens GA

This Saturday, June 9th, I will be performing a Mr Blank solo theater/noise performance art piece at Flicker Bar 9pm, in support of some AWESOME weirdo friends of mine from New York called “A Place Both Wonderful & Strange“.

A Place Both Wonderful and Strange produces art that is endearingly odd, just like a David Lynch film. So it’s no wonder that they have caught the attention of The David Lynch Foundation. Their dark, moody, experimental electronic dance music is the soundtrack of fever dreams, sleep paralysis, with a darkness that shakes and ravages your psyche inducing unease, mystery and wonder!

I met Laura Hajek from this Brooklyn-based group years ago while on tour with my band Rat Babies. We played an awesome little dingy coffee shop venue in Glens Falls, NY. Laura was in a different band then but her performance antics made it unforgettable… So, I can’t wait to see (and perform at) this show!!


I have yet to decide which performance I should do??? But it might be one of these:

Mistar Khaalee – The human pincushion guided meditation fakir performance, I’ve only performed this a few times, I think the last time was for the Classic City Fringe Festival last year, I bled a lot!

Tardigrade Man – This is the creepy-masked-naked-fat-suit performance, and this one includes a video projection as part of the performance… [see video>>>]

TVHeadGuy – I haven’t performed this in a long while, but someone suggested I add it to the list.

THE CHOICE WITH THE MOST VOTES (click here) ON FB WINS, and that’s what I will perform for the show this Saturday… At Flicker… See you there.