MR BLANK TOYS: The Rainbow Goblins – Yellow Goblin

I didn’t grow up with parents that read “The Rainbow Goblins” to me as a kid unfortunately, but I did grow up with Primus! When they released their most recent album entitled “The Desaturating Seven” I was just starting to get into molding and casting art toy figures and I immediately knew I wanted to make figures of what ever those characters were on that album cover… Little did I know that I would discover an amazing artist named “Ul De Rico”, who not only painted the enchanting illustrations but who also wrote the amazingly trippy and yet insightful book.


In learning everything I could about the Goblins and their creator, I discovered I agreed with what Les Claypool of Primus said in Rolling Stone Magazine: “I think with the way the world is right now, it’s very relevant. The notion of gluttony and those that have taking more than their share from those that don’t.” [].

Also, I found great inspiration in something Ul De Rico said on own his website: “Art can do a lot of things. Works of art can decorate walls. They can delight people, make them happy or sad. They can even heal people, or depress them. Art can say more that words can. But above all, art can open people’s eyes, so that they can discover again in nature and in their lives all the things that works of art can reveal. So that life can be lived more intensively.” []

I am honored to be releasing the first goblin figure in the series of seven, the “Yellow Goblin” as a Five Points Festival (Brooklyn, New York, June 2-3 exclusive thru “13 Karat” a new burgeoning non-profit gallery organization ( This will be a limited run of seven 4″ resin figures mounted on handpainted 6″x9″ wooden backboards.

The figure is a sculpted kitbashed figure using “Cooties” legs (kids game by Milton Bradley) mixed with parts from a “Coruscant Guard” (Hasbro 2000 Power Of The Force) Star Wars action figure, and then sculpted head and hands based on Ul De Rico’s goblin design. Each backboard (mediums: home-made Black Walnut stain, acrylic paint, spray paint, wood) is a one of a kind painting on wood paneling representing a scene/moment from the book, and also to recall Ul De Rico’s original oil-on-oak illustrations.