NO TOYS 4 US (series 2) release at Designer Con 2018

Back in July the first of the “NO TOYS 4 US” series of figures was released thru DKE Toys at SDCC. It sold out before the end of the first day. Now the much anticipated second figure in the series is ready just in time for Designer Con!! Here’s a look:

I will be hitting the road driving from Athens GA to CA starting this weekend, on tour with my band Rat Babies, and we will be arriving in CA just in time for me to make an appearance at Designer Con for the first time ever. Rat Babies will be recording at the infamous Rancho De La Luna with Dave Catching the weekend before DCon, and then I will be at Dcon all weekend! If you are planning to be at DCon, whether you are setting up a booth or just there as a fan, let me know and we can plan to meet up at the DKE Toys booth #2523! You can also try to find me walking around in my Geoffrey cosplay suit I made:

No Toys 4 Us (series 1) released thru DKE was the original figure, seen here at the DKE booth:

For No Toys 4 Us (series 2) we have a brand new sculpt which features the backpack Geoffrey got from some kid he used to know in another life, in a galaxy far far away. Also the packaging changed a bit, the “Going Out Of Business” banner is gone leaving only a stain on the wall where the TRU sign used to be, and because of the backpack we had to add a bubble on the back so I added some info about the plight of Geoffrey and the other 33,000 employees who were laid off from TRU. Also Geoffrey finally changed his socks, plus now he has a two sided sign that reads “DCON OR DIE!” on the one side that’s showing and “Will Werk 4 Toys!” on the other.

[can you find the spelling error? lol, I didn’t until after the run was done… oh well]

There are plans for more figures in the series, but they are still in production at this time so we don’t have any previews. We do have some production shots from series 2 though:

NOTE: If you are on the waiting list for this series 2 figure check your email tonight for an invoice, every purchase made today or tomorrow will be shipped out before I leave for town, otherwise you will be getting the figure after Thanksgiving once I get home from tour. If you are not on the waiting list then you will need to find me at Dcon to purchase one. If I have any left over after DCon I will post them in my store here on this site after Thanksgiving but still just in time for Festivus!