13 Day Sale starts TOMORROW!!!

Mr Blank Toys is trying to get to Designer Con 2018 in Anaheim, CA happening November 16-18, which means I have a little over a month to get everything in order and save up enough money to afford the trip out there… So, October 9th thru the 21st I will have a sale on all backstock here on the site!!! Your purchase will HELP ME GET TO DCON!!

This may be your last chance to pick up some of these figures, many of which were limited editions of less than 10 pieces ever made. These are all figures from my first year of making art toy figures. One day these might actually be worth something… and then you’ll be able to tell people: “Yeah, these came from his first few runs of figures before he got all famous and stuff… I knew about him way back when” or something like that, lol! Either way it will be a huge help to me in getting out to DCON 2018!


First, visit the BLANK SHOP HERE.

Once you place your items in your cart you will see a space labeled “APPLY COUPON” where you can enter the hashtag: “#dconordiegeoffrey” then click the button to apply a $10 discount to your order. The discount doesn’t work on items already on sale.

NOTE: If you are following me on Instagram you can also use that same hashtag to see the latest posts revealing the process of making the second in the “No Toys 4 Us” figure series, which I will be bring to DCON!