The newest toy from Mr Blank Toys is everyone’s favorite cat with a bad attitude! The grumpiest of them all, especially on Mondays… Introducing: GARFIEL…. Oh wait, I was wrong, it’s that other grumpy feline that was all meme famous for awhile there! Oh poor, GRUMPFIELD!!!

I was always a huge fan of Garfield as a kid growing up. I had every Garfield book I could find and I would read and reread them all the time! In the late 70’s early 80’s the Garfield books were brightly colored books that opened from the “wrong end”, landscape style instead of portrait style like most books… I remember that was one of the first things that intrigued me as a kid.

Over the years since then I have had to hustle as an artist to find ways to make money selling my designs, and one of those ways was making 1″ buttons for businesses. Many times I was filling orders for buttons with bootlegged images off of google image search, like when I sold Grumpy Cat buttons to a retailer who wanted “cat buttons”. They were huge seller so they kept asking for more, no questions asked…

Of course now that I am making and hustling bootleg resin toys I figured why not stick with what works and so I customized one of my all time favorite characters as a kid into one of everyone newest and grumpiest favorite… GRUMPFIELD!

If you would like to purchase a copy of “Grumpfield Get’s Grumpier” then you are in luck, right now we are only releasing 10 copies online and as a Dream Cult Member you have first dibs, follow this link to purchase for a special price of $45 (+shipping):