AWARDED: Shelter Projects micro-fellowship for “canceled”

“CANCELED” by Mux Blank

Wow!!! I am honored to be selected to receive a micro-fellowship through the Willson Center for Humanities and Arts!!! “The Willson Center, in partnership with the Graduate School, the UGA Arts Council, the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, and Flagpole magazine, has awarded 34 micro-fellowships in its Shelter Projects program. The $500 fellowships support graduate students and community-based artists and practitioners in the creation of shareable reflections on their experience of the current pandemic through the arts and humanities”. I submitted a proposal for my “CANCELED” public installation pieces I did in downtown Athens last month, and the recipients were just announced! I was one among 34 chosen… Read the announcement here:

Here’s the list of artists:

Here’s the video I made about the project: