Mr Blanks SKULL art


Over the last few years I have been doing a SKULL art series of paintings and art pieces. I have actually drawn this one style of skull ever since I was a kid, one of the signatures of my skulls is the upside down heart nose hole… but until recently it was never much more than sketches in the side collumns of note books. I officially/publically started painting my SKULL art series as a fundraiser to fix up my skoolie bus, named the “Lyme Basturd”.

I lived in the Lyme Basturd skoolie bus, driving it all over the southeast doing a vaudvillian performance art shows called “Mr Blank’s Carnivale of Black Hearts” and touring as the “Mr Blank’s Weird & Wandering Sideshow”, for about five years. I had a cozy tiny minimalist home on wheels built by re-purposing found old wooden props, backdrop signs, carny games I used in those Carnivale shows. I even had dreams of possibly even using the skoolie as a “tiny business” on wheels! Unfortunely the bus now sits here in the driveway at the JOKER JOKER Gallery in a sorry state of repairs with dry rotten tires, a electrical system that needs to be rewired, broken windows from street kids with rocks, fluids leaking, and more… but I do still hold on to the dream of having it back out on the road again someday and I was planning to do some more work on it as soon as I can afford to. (Support the Dream here)

Next in the SKULL series was a run of art toy action figures that I made to promote the release of the Rat Babies’ EP entitled “Speak Hard Answers”. I gathered up a pile of random action figures from GIJoes to dollar store action figures, sculpted on rounded blank head, and then painted them black. Next, little tiny skull faces were hand-painted on each of them individually. They were all then packaged on backerboards branded with the “speak hard answers” stencil art created for the EP cover, and finally the three skull stencil was painted with couple splashes of red added for effect. These have all sold out.

More recently I have continued the SKULL art series, in fact I’m currently creating more pieces that will be made available for purchase soon. The next few pieces in the series are part wheat-paste art and part graffiti style spraypainted art on metal and wood (see: “Lost Loved Ones” and “Notice” in gallery below). As all these pieces are being created I end up with a pile of empty spray paint cans and I have begun turning them into art as well! Those “SKULL CAN” pieces have been selling at craft markets like wildfire, so if you see me with any available grab them up quick! This will be an ongoing series as I continue to use up spraypaint cans, so I will continue to paint cans. I also plan to do a whole run of smaller handpainted magnet pieces on wood so you can hang them on your fridge. Anyways there’s always more in the works, lol! So just follow my BLANK BLOG on here, or get a more up to date look at what I have going on by following me on FB, IG, or Tiktok (@muxblank).

*UPDATE: DUE TO CORONAVIRUS LOCKDOWN: I recently installed this free public street art installation which is my newest piece from this SKULL art series. This piece is deadicated to all the canceled events, all the closed businesses, all the lost jobs, all the sick, and especially all the friends and loved ones lost… it is entitled “CANCELED”. (Support the Dream here)

If you are interested in having a piece of art, then make me an offer I can’t refuse and the next piece I finish will be YOURS!!! Offers can be sent in by email to: Be sure to Include: Your Name, Address, Phone Number, and $Offer$ in the email.


More coming soon…