NEW TOY RELEASE! (members only)

CHEWIE ROLO released Friday the 13th!

That’s right, I am putting out the Chewie Rolo figure on Friday the 13th! But because you are a Blank Cult Member (thanks Robbie, you’re the first one!) I am giving you first dibs! If you would like a copy of the new Chewie Rolo, just let me know and I will set one aside for you before they go on sale… Even if you can’t afford it just yet! That way if they sell out you will still have a copy sitting here waiting for you, I just ask that you pay for it within two weeks or I may be forced to sell it… But only if all other sell out first! Anyways… this is part of the membership benefits!

Posted earlier on instagram:


EMAIL ME at if you want me to set one aside for you… But do it before Midnight on Thursday cause that’s when they go on sale to the (non-member) public.

PS: Since this whole membership thing is brand new, I’m still trying to get everything figured out… and I’m sure you have questions too! So anything you wanna ask? Any suggestions? Tell me how the “membership” experience is going for you so far… otherwise I won’t know! Thanks!