First “Skull Bus” Painting SOLD!

I’ve given art pieces away to friends many times, and I have even more pieces tucked away in boxes in storage that no one has hardly ever seen… But this is probably one of the first times I’ve actually sold an original piece of painted art.

imageI sold the first one of my “Skull Bus” Fundraiser paintings. It was the piece entitled “Burlap” (because, as a friend named Van said, the surface of the wood looks like burlap glued to the wood). Now, I’m one step closer to getting my Skoolie bus (aka “The Lyme Basturd”) fixed up as a project for the Classic City Fringe Festival! Here’s a picture of the happy new owner holding his new art…

I also started a new painting last night, before the show at JOKER JOKER Gallery and I’ll be posting it as soon as it’s done. So, make me an offer and the next one could be yours!!! Each painting comes with a back story, a history, cause each painting is painted on a piece material pulled from out of the bus where I lived for over five years, the bus that I toured the southeast in, the bus I’ve done shows out of and more… All the money I make from selling these painting will go right back into the bus in the form of fixing it up.

First things first I gotta fix the brakes so I can move it around, next are new tires and those aren’t cheap. Hopefully by October the work will already be underway, but I got a bunch of painting to sell before then! My goal is to have enough of the bus fixed up by the end of October so that I can safely move it to a spot downtown where the Classic City Fringe Festival can use it as an alternative “performance venue” for a show during this years festival!

If you follow the “SHOP” link you’ll be able to see the other pieces that are available. And as more are finished I will be posting them there as well. You can also click on the Project link “The Skull Bus Fundraiser” to get more information, pics, and updates about the project as it’s happening.

Thanks to Alex Strama from the Baltimore based noise project called “Newagehillbilly” who bought the painting. He and his buddy, also from Baltimore who performs as “Comfort Link“, played a show at the JOKER JOKER Gallery on Sunday, August 7th. Also performing were: Dendera Bloodbath, and Blaspheme.