SUNGLASSESHello… Helloooo…. Is there anybody out there… hearing, or seeing this message? If you are then that means that I have my new website open and working correctly. If you are seeing this message from Facebook, then I really got it set up right!!!

For a long time now I have been using FB as a sort of blog about my adventures as an artist, traveler, performer, event organizer, mad man, and hobo… depending on when you’re reading, that is. But I feel like I need to back away from social media a bit. I need to concentrate less on promoting every step of everything of what I am doing, and concentrate more on the actual doing of things, projects, art, performances, creating… But that’s a very hard thing to do!

Once you get caught up in how to get your art into other people’s hands, it becomes everything you think about, and in the end, everything you’re doing. Promotions became something I explored and created, the promotions became my art. And while I did enjoy it, I was still left feeling a bit empty because more time was being spent on the “art of promoting” than “promoting any art” that I was doing.

TVHEADGUYSuddenly though it became all about ideas… Ideas for events. performances, and shows I wasn’t seeing anyone else do, so I did them. I was able to create characters for those events and so began my performance career path. Before then I didn’t really play characters on stage, I was myself doing something. But I started looking at it differently, and realizing that there was a potential for me to create above and beyond what I had already created! Not only was I sharing my art with an audience. I was creating art in front of them thru theater, carnie-magic, bait and switch, looking someone in the eye’s and knowing that you had their complete and utter attention… As long as you were about to show them something really cool! So the art of promotion lead back to the art of performance.

Honestly though, it’s a lot of work keeping someone’s attention all the time, people aren’t focused on me as much as I had to focus on me all the time. I had to constantly be in character because now there was facebook, a stage of people anytime you want it. But you can’t look them in the eye online, you can’t wave your hand and tell them these ARE the droids they’re looking for… On FB you have to constantly be shoving something under everyone’s nose, to not only keep people engaged in what you got going on, but you have to engage in what they got going on just to keep facebook’s algorithm working in your favor…

And it’s not just FB, there’s Instagram, Twitter, Blahblah, and Blah… all of them have their own way of doing things. Ways to keep you engaged with their product, their game, while trying to engage others in what you got going on, just so you can have the chance of them seeing and maybe being interested in what you got going on, so that maybe a few of them with money to spend frivolously, would happen to like what you do enough to either buy something, or come out on a weekday night to see you act a fool on stage.

And before you know it, a few years have gone by and you haven’t been doing much more than typing on facebook hoping to do a few shows, where a few people might show up! What happen to just doing the art? That’s what you want to do! That’s the whole reason for the rest of everything else in your life… just so that you can do your art! Right? Well damn it, it feels like I’m wasting too much time online these days, and not enough time getting art done! TVEYESo… I guess I’m building a website, in the hopes of making everything a little easier on me in the online side of doing my art. Now I can post big long rants about bullshit whenever I want on my website and if everything works right, you’ll get an update on facebook if you’re paying attention. If you’re not paying attention, I might have to  try to remind you now and then by getting on facebook and seeing what you’re up to (because I do that anyways, plus it helps with the algorithms, lol), but otherwise I might just have to stop caring as much about people that don’t care about me, cause I just have too much to do all the time, and I never make a dime off doing any of it, so it’s time I stop wasting all this time on a big online multi-million player GAME! Cause that’s all FB really is you understand?!

It’s a game, a virtual-reality game where you interact through profile characters (based on who you really are) with other profile characters that you may never really connect with in real life ever, cause there’s a whole bunch of people from everywhere around you playing this game and thinking it’s real life, it’s all there really is to some of their lives, this is their only way to connect with other people! FB has fooled everyone into NEEDING this GAME just to CONNECT WITH OTHER PEOPLE!!! Hell I barely even use my actual email ever other than to fill in forms when they need to send me a legal document signing all my rights and copyrights to my life away!

Anyways, I am rambling… I’m not really quitting FB all the way, you gotta come off it slowly… otherwise I’d never hear from some friends ever again, lol. But I AM creating this website as a way to share my adventures in creating art, and maybe allow me to engage people in something else other then more facebook! So does that mean I’m starting a blog? Maybe, Idk… Really, I just needed to check to see if this auto-post-to-fb thing is going to work…