Got Spooked Eggs?!? Pre-order NOW!


Hard-boiled and Hand-painted, a Hauntingly fun treat for the whole family! Pre-order your Spooked Egg Baskets NOW! We offer scheduled pick up at the Joker Joker Gallery (Athens GA), or we can possibly arrange drop off service if you are local. To place your order call: 706-449-4022, or email: blankbooking (at) with the subject “Spooked Egg Basket”.

You’ve seen my Skull Painting project I started last year, well now I’m painting skulls on eggs! This is a new seasonal side-project collaboration inspired by my buddy Van Beville. Years ago, I created some Skull Eggs as a sort of anti-Easter joke because everyone was posting pictures of their Easter eggs all over social media. Although I don’t celebrate Easter I decided to do my own version. Using sharpie marker I drew the skull design on the eggs and gave them to friends. Van loved them and suggested making baskets of these eggs available during both Halloween and Easter, so we decided to give it a shot this year. Special thanks to Shari Nettles for being our model in the ad!

Each egg is first hard-boiled, I then hand-paint the design with non-toxic acrylic paints. Van is handling the ordering and delivery. Order them for your Halloween parties, picnics, or just for fun. Support local artists!

NOTE: The price of the Spooked Egg Basket packages are based on the amount of eggs you want in your basket, size of basket, etc… Feel free to call your orders in and we will quote you a price specific to your needs. To place your order call: 706-449-4022, or email: blankbooking (at) with the subject “Spooked Egg Basket”. Pick-up Orders will begin after Oct 23rd. Delivery Orders may incur a delivery charge.