New SKULL PAINTING for a Weirdo Yardsale

Last I mentioned anything about the Skull Painting series I’ve been working on I posted about the 5 paintings I had left and still available for purchase after Athfest… Well I’m down to ONLY TWO from that last series now, plus I’ve just painted a new one… this time for a YARD SALE!!!

On October 7th & 8th an awesome pop-up event called the Weirdo Yardsale will be happening 8am-2pm at the JOKER JOKER Gallery (145 Vine St., Athens GA). Look for my newest Skull Paintings as the sign in the front yard!!!


A few of the paintings available in my last post about the Skull Painting were picked up by Jason Westberry and his daughter. You may remember his face from my blog post “Athfest Last Weekend ~ Art Show THIS Weekend!!!” because he was one of the people that purchased a Skull Painting at my Athfest 2017 Artist Market booth. Well, he had to have a full set and so he came back for 3 more! The four painting now in his possession are their own set because I painting them all at the same time, and all near the same size. Check out the pic below of them hanging in his house too, so cool!

photo 2 (1)

photo 2 (2)

photo 1 (2)

Also, Kari Bjork (my partner on the Post Apocalyptic Mystic project) received her own favorite Skull Painting for her birthday, this is the only one I’ve done with stripes, so far. I’m so glad this one went to her… See how happy she was:

photo 1 (1)

Pretty soon there will be a whole new batch of paintings, I have a few other ideas already as well that will take this project to the next level, so stay tuned for more on that. In the mean time, if you are interested in one of the remaining pieces (remember there are only 2 left at this time) from the last series they are going fast so make me an offer ASAP or you might just miss out… Anyways, hope to see you at the Weirdo Yardsale!!!

These are the only two Skull Paintings still available at this time. NOTE the name under the picture, please refer to this when submitting an offer to purchase it, thanks:

#3 "mustachio"
#3 “mustachio”