This is episode 001 of the new JOKER JOKER TV variety show!

JOKER JOKER Gallery (Athens GA) is producing a livestream variety show. Everything you’ve come to expect from the JOKER JOKER Gallery (art, bands, art toys, vaudeville, experimental sound, film, skits, and so much more) will be coming to you via livestream on multiple platforms including: Youtube, FB, IG, Twitch, and moreā€¦ So STAY TUNED for more!

Episode 001 featured:

  • We try and fail at getting a Zoom caller into the stream, sorry Mike, we’ll try again next time.
  • the debut of the new Rat Babies music video for the song “Hard” directed by Cabbage Looper ( from the new self-titled Rat Babies album.
  • live Rat Babies performance of the song “Anchor” from their new self-titled album.

Special thanks to Ariel, Lisa, Tom, Chuck, and the whole the Grissom family (Chris, Roxanne, Aiden, Ryvin, and their friend Caleb) who joined us in the studio for the livestreaming and birthday cookout for Mux. Produced by JOKER JOKER Gallery, Mux Blank and T.Chodd, live streamed on June 14th 2020 at 6pm.

[NOTE: If you are a performer, musician, artist, toymaker, filmmaker, comedian, or tik-tok’r that would like to submit to be on the show follow and reach out to me via email. ]