NEW RELEASE: I’ll Be BACH (liquid metal colorway)

SPECIAL DROP! As I promised, I am posting some new exclusive drops, more news about upcoming releases, and a BIG SALE this week!!!

If you’ve been keeping up with recent posts in Instagram, you know I’m trying to raise some money ($2k) for an upcoming surgery happening first of next month. So over the next week I’m offering up my complete inventory as a special sale! This is your chance to get any pieces that you might not have had a chance to get before now, all at a 25% DISCOUNT over the next week, sale ends AUG 25th.

USE COUPON: “25%OFF” during checkout in my SHOP!

ALSO, I’m releasing the much loved I’LL BE BACH in the new “Liquid Metal” colorway, Limited Edition Of 5 carded resin figures, starting NOW!

There are already only four left cause someone was paying attention and already got one before I even finished writing this! So if you want one too, you better hurry! This is the last of the I’ll Be Bach figures from the first mold because after these pulls the mold was toast. Up next in the series? What about EMPIRE STRIKES BACH?!? coming soon…