No Toys 4 Us Giveaway Drawing

WOOHOO!!! I have surpassed 1k followers on my Instagram (@muxblank), So awesome!!! As promised I’m doing a giveaway drawing! Thank you everyone who shared my post and supported my efforts! It’s heartwarming to have so many people dig what you do! I <3 Love you All!!! I collected the names from the #notoys4usgiveaway hashtag list put them in a hat and drew the name “DEADGREEDY“!!!

I will be sending DeadGreedy a free version of the “No Toys 4 Us” series 2 figure once they are done. Congratulations, especially on your successful liver transplant! Wow, I don’t think the prize could have gone to a better person! Not only has he been going thru major medical issues but, as many in the art toy collectors world already knows, DeadGreedy is widely known for how much he supports all the other toymakers by constantly sharing and reposting other toy makers posts on Instagram. His IG is like a zine for the bootleg art toy scene, go check it out for yourself here: @deadgreedy!!!

Also here’s the video of the drawing:

Special thanks to everyone who shared/reposted: @sneakerstash._  @davidlamorte @d_s_customs  @sadat1626 @nostalgiamancer  @mischief_syndicate @extratruckestrial  @cloning007 @darumateufelhunden @spidermikedesigns  @deadgreedy @universal_pitstop  @sweets_the_dog @bombznroses  @just_thommy @ozark_scumfuck  @fungusamungusman @hellboy66647 and “Maurice M Solner” on FB!

The actual presale for the “No Toys 4 Us” series 2 figure will be happening soon, so stay tuned! If you are a “Blank Dream Cult” member you will have a chance at buying this figure first before anyone else, then it will be released to the waitlist of people who have sent a (name, address, and paypal email) message to… so get on that now! Limited edition of only 30 will be available soon!