No Toys 4 Us Series 2 Production Underway

Production for the second in the “No Toys 4 Us” figure series is now underway. You can see regular updates on my Instagram page (@muxblank). If you haven’t gotten on the waitlist yet you might want to get on that ASAP because there will be only 30+ figures in the run and I already have over 20 names on the list.

I am working on plans to attend 2018 DesignerCon while on tour in November with my doom/noise band Rat Babies. I will be bringing what has not sold with me and they will be sure to sell out there. Get on the waitlist NOW by emailing me your Name, Address, and Paypal Email and you will be the first to have a chance at getting one of the few that have not been spoken for yet!

Here’s a few pictures of the progress: