Rat Babies tour goes INTERNATIONAL!!!

The Rat Babies are hitting the road, continuing a non-stop work streak that has kept them very busy over the last few months…

Last November they went on a month long tour that took them through the southeast with the Shadow People Sideshow out of Atlanta. Then in January they teamed up with a old noiser friend out of North Carolina named Nuss (who they have toured with a couple of times during his stint in the band “Akris”) to begin recording work on a music project entitled NARB. They have also been working on a new recording of their own which they hope to have ready for this upcoming tour (local release set for: March 2nd in Athens GA @ Flicker Theater & Bar). Now they are hitting the road once again, but this time the Rat Babies are going international!

FEB2017TOURcensoredFor this special tour the Rat Babies will be hosting and touring with three solo international artist TAMAGAWA (Saint Etienne, France), OLDINE (Paris, France) and B°TONG (Basel, Switzerland) who hail from France and Switzerland respectively. Tagged as the “International Noise/Doom Tour” this tour will take place mostly at alternative DIY community show locations (house shows) around the southeast, plus a few fringe music venues and bars.

Here is the complete tour schedule:

Sat 4 – Atlanta, GA @ XXXXXXXXXXXXX
Sun 5 – Macon, GA @ Fresh Produce Music Hall
Mon 6 – Valdosta, GA @ Red Door Records
Tue 7 – Panama City, FL @ A&M Theater
Wed 8 – Dothan, AL @ XXXXXXXXXXXXX
Thu 9 – New Orleans, LA @ The Mudlark Public Theatre
Fri 10 – Shreveport, LA @ Minicine
Sat 11 – Cleveland, MS @ XXXXXXXXXXXXX
Sun 12 – Birmingham, AL @ Desert Island Supply Co.
Mon 13 – Murfreesboro, TN @ XXXXXXXXXXXXX
Tue 14 – Seymour, TN @ XXXXXXXXXXXXX
Wed 15 – Roanoke, VA @ XXXXXXXXXXXXX
Thu 16 – Columbia, SC @ Tapp’s Arts Center
Fri 17 – Wilmington, NC @ XXXXXXXXXXXXX

***NOTE: Due to issues the DIY community has recently been having to deal with, like the surge of house shows getting shut down, we have decided to remove the names of some of the venues on our tour schedule. If you are in one of these areas you probably already know where to go, if not then ask a friend and figure it out… we’re bringing you an awesome show, so… we’ll see you there!!!***

More information on the international artist can be found on our tour EPK here:

The International Noise/Doom Tour