Who Wants Another Skull Bus Painting?

There is only one Skull Bus painting available now, but I’ve been thinking of doing more… IMG_0927

Just the other day I sold my second to last painting (#7 entitled “Bomb”), from the first go round to Natalie Stewart! She made me an offer and asked me to keep this particular one on hold just for her as soon as it was painted. So even though this was one of the most loved and wanted pieces I did, I knew she was good for it and I wouldn’t accept any other offers since she claimed it first. It’s now in her loving arms…

I’ve got more to do to the bus before it’s really road ready though, and so I need to raise more money by doing a couple more paintings of course. I’ve already spent all the money raised so far (plus some I had saved up) on the extensive brake job I had to do. But good brakes are important!

Next, I need to get new tires for the bus. I made a few calls a while back to estimated what tires cost and I would need about $1500-1800 to replace all of them. I’m going to check them all out first and try to save myself some money by replacing only the ones ready to pop right now. That way I might be able to get away with replacing only three tires. Still, we’re probably talking at least $900-1000.

So… WHO wants to buy another Skull Bus painting from me? I will take offers and requests at this point (like I did to Tiffany, see “Another Skull Bus Painting Sold!). Or you could just let me surprise you with the next idea that pops in my head… Make me an offer I can’t refuse and it’s yours!

Get more info on the fundraiser and what Iā€™m doing on the ā€œThe Skull Bus Fundraiserā€ project page here on the site.