What’s Next for Mr Blank Toys?

Now that I got both the “Yoda/Slimer” prototype done (I’m still not confident enough to cast it yet) and the “Rat Babies Shadow Figures” done, I’ve been thinking about what I’d like to work on next… and I’ve got a looong list of ideas floating around in my head, with more coming in everyday!

One thing I’m really itching to do is go back over the last ten years of performing and design figures for all the characters I’ve created and performed as in my theater performance art pieces (e.g. Mr Blank the Rabblerouser, Dirty Harriette the Bearded Lady, TVHeadGuy, The Tardigrade Man, Swami Khaalee, etc) and characters I’ve created for my Carnivale Of Black Hearts shows (The Half Dead Boy, The Dead Ballerina, etc), but those are all going to take a bit of time and money to design and produce and I’m not ready for all that just yet. I’ve even been thinking back to comics that I wrote a long time ago like “Square Bird” or “Stars” which would make really cute figures, they’d appeal to a wide audience, in fact they could even work for what is called a “platform toy” because of their simplicity in design (check out this blog where the whole platform toy idea is explained: http://myvinyleducation.blogspot.com/2009/10/platform-toy.html, warning it’s an old blog from 2009 so the images might not load right). If you’ve read my Square Bird book or seen my Stars comics then you know what I mean, if not then you’ll have to wait for when I got it all ready cause that’s something I want to start working on soon. I’m contemplating a whole redesign and expansion on the storyline that, while it stays true to the original, will be translating it into the three dimensional world of toy figure making.

Then I got to thinking back to what toys I liked or played with as a kid and even though I didn’t have much more than what I got out of kids meals, they gave me an idea! so I went out and found a handful of those tiny California Raisins figures and I’m working on something with them which I’ll have ready soon.

Of course I also have a tons of “Meme” and “Mashup” ideas for witty/funny one-off figures. In fact, If you are following me on Instagram you’ll see that I gave a preview of one of those ideas yesterday. It’s a tiny piece I made called the “Piano-Gun” which is really only an accessory I made (Apoxie Sculpt hand painted using Testors Acrylic paints) for something else I got coming up, but I wanted to go ahead and post it now… and I’m thinking that I might want to cast it in resin because people seem to really like this design:

As I mentioned earlier I’m not confident about making molds yet, so this weekend I’m trying to cast some simple items until I get the nack of it all, and then I’ll do some REAL figure casting. First off, I’m going to be using casting stuff I got from Hobby Lobby until I really know what I’m doing and then I’ll be looking for some quality stuff… so be on the look out in the next couple of days cause I’ll be posting video!